Launa Winship is a French Australian colour enthusiast pop artist, born in 1991 in the iconic surf town of Biarritz.

In 1995, her family bought a catamaran in the Caribbean

and circumnavigated the globe for 6 years. 


During that time, her imagination and passion for art flourished as a result of large amounts of confinement between countries. She amused herself with drawing, collages, and collecting stickers from all the countries they docked in.

Her sticker collection extensively grew in South East Asia. 


Launa completed a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts/Visual Arts in Brisbane, Australia, and a Diploma in Graphic Design in Melbourne, Australia. For the next 3 years, she worked as a Graphic designer in conjunction with solo and group exhibitions. 


She moved to Paris in 2016 for a cultural change. Her art practice shifted due to the sudden exposure to the political unrest that was unfolding in Europe at this time. 


Launa is currently working on her series  'Cute But Deadly'


She designs simplified two-dimensional versions of deadly objects, then meticulously fills the contours with stickers, creating multileveled textured works. The stickers chosen are associated with millennial mass-produced pop culture and imagery that she grew up with. 


Her intention is to scramble the identities and codes. She produces interesting conflicts between strong symbols.

Through her works, Launa denounces the violence in society and its trivialization. She is questioning consumerism through the accumulation of stickers and images.